Threat Tec, LLC®, a veteran owned small business, provides Certified Red Team exercise support and immersive training environments to support U.S. military training and rehearsal exercises, as well as wargames, experiments, and operational tests and evaluations. Using the OE Flex® capability, Threat Tec tailors the battlefield to match the target Operational Environment (OE) with realistic host nation roleplayers, clothing, weapons, and battlefield effects. Threat Tec’s pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Threat Emulators (TEs) are able to support simultaneous exercises at multiple locations across the country.


PROFESSIONAL. Our employees are committed to being pro-active in all matters that influence performance and elevate the quality of the products and services we deliver. We believe in a team approach where outcomes are measured by achieving the client’s requirements and the quality of our relationships.

HONEST. We know that meaningful relationships begin with trust. Trust is not purchased, but earned through honest and open dialogue supported by action. Our professionals are clear in communications, forthright in dealings, and committed to keeping promises.

INNOVATIVE. We consider creative and innovative leadership vital to success. We empower the inquisitive nature of our staff and strive to continuously improve everything we touch.

CAN-DO. Undeterred by obstacles, our can-do spirit will prevail. Providing focused leadership, we move forward meeting commitments and achieving our goals. We remain flexible and responsive to clients’ needs.

RESPONSIBLE. We are responsible to our clients – delivering high quality results that exceed expectations. We are responsible to our employees – providing safe learning environments, fair compensation, and quality of life. As leaders, we understand the importance of setting the bar high.


SOCOM Wide Mission Support-B (SWMS-B) IDIQ