How Threat Tec is Using Data Visualization and Simulation to Enhance Warfighter Capability

By creating new ways to visualise, simulate and interact with large sets of data, Threat Tec is helping prepare soldiers for the modern battlespace. Primarily used within training events and classroom instruction, our diverse solutions help military trainers make sense of their data and communicate military training doctrine in a compelling and immersive manner. By leveraging the latest technologies and learning concepts, we are delivering high-quality educational visualization and simulation products to help soldiers gain the skills necessary to respond to an increasingly hostile world.

The need for visualization and simulation teaching solutions is being driven by an increasingly complex Operational Environment (OE).  Because today’s warfighter must operate within rapidly-changing operational contexts, the interpretation and application of data is paramount to warfighter success. To this end, Threat Tec is creating visualization and simulation tools that train commanders and soldiers how to use data to get a better view of the battle space and make fast, life-saving decisions.


One way we are preparing soldiers is through our OpEx mission planning tool. This is a multi-platform strategy exercise tool that visualizes data for assessing tactical effectiveness with instant feedback through simulation. As soldiers utilize OpEx in a training environment, they are immersed within a realistic mission planning and execution experience, able to make real-time combat maneuver decisions. Along with being aligned with military doctrine and standards, the tool gathers dense sets of data to create realistic simulations of the battlefield, and the life-or-death decisions that accompany complex combat activities.

Within the simulation, soldiers are able to adjust force maneuvers, in real-time, against an AI or player-controlled adversary. The tool’s features are further enhanced by the ability to switch between sand-table and ridealong views, which allow soldiers to view the battle from virtually any angle. The comprehensiveness of OpEx’s training capability, effectively combines data simulation/visualization with real-world scenarios to challenge and improve soldier’s tactical effectiveness against a realistic force.

Virtual OpFor Academy

In conjunction with OpEx, Threat Tec has been developing Virtual OPFOR Academy (VOA) – a comprehensive suite of multimodal educational and training solutions that improve learning comprehension within classroom contexts. Applying a mixture of film and visualization learning technologies, VOA is a high-quality and doctrine-aligned series of training products that teach tactical concepts from the perspective of the Opposing Force (OPFOR). These learning solutions work in conjunction with military training and help soldiers learn how to realistically apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios.

More specifically, VOA communicates essential threat doctrine though filmed instructional content and animated visualizations of deployed threat Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs). These professionally-produced multimedia and visualization products work in tandem with each other to produce a robust training experiences that maximizes training impact, comprehension and applicability. Because our experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) oversee the development of VOA training content, each product aligns with military doctrine and learning standards.

The benefits of leveraging simulation, visualization and multimedia technologies, within training environments, cannot be overstated. These technologies allow us to present data and information in graphical, animated or visual formats so that decision makers and students are able to comprehend difficult concepts or identify hard-to-find patterns. Our capability in this area extends into offering clients interactive visualization content that can be manipulated and further-increases understanding of data-relationships and data-intersectionalities.

With every training solution we product, our teams are dedicated to delivering high-quality training solutions that help our clients achieve mission success. And, as the complexities within modern OEs continues to grow, we are developing and perfecting training solutions that help military forces adapt to and prepare for new operational realities. These results are made possible by working with our clients and intelligently development such solutions in a fast and cost-effective manner. Contact us today to learn how Threat Tec’s visualization and simulation technologies can help achieve your training objectives.

Written By Kristi Dazevedo

Marketing Coordinator and Lead Designer