Threat Tec possesses the expertise and capabilities required to create and deliver comprehensive education and training programs for the military. Their cadre of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), trainers, and instructional developers work together to build interactive programs. Each program is designed or tailored to meet the specific education and training needs of the audience.



Education and training programs are designed for multiple instructional delivery platforms and methods. This multi-modal program architecture provides the flexibility to adapt the education and training program for the unique needs of each student.

Training Expertise

Threat Tec instructors and trainers are the best in their field. With years of experience in their respective disciplines, our instructional experts are effective communicators and facilitators. They possess the skills needed to ensure students learn curriculum and can apply that knowledge to real world problems.

Performance Technologies

Threat Tec employs a wide range of performance technology experts to support its multi-platform learning solutions. Our performance technology professionals excel at understanding the end user requirements and perspectives. The technologies produced are constantly evaluated for platform-effectiveness and content accuracy.

Past Experience

US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

Provided certified Red Team Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the Exercise DYNAMIC LIGHT to assist in the analysis of the ATHENA modeling.

Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

Provided certified Threat Emulators (TE), Red Team Cadre, planners, and SMEs to support Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Intelligence Support Activity’s Wargame, Experimentation, Test, and TRADOC G-2 development of Opposing Force (OPFOR) instructional videos.

U.S. Army Operational Test Command (OTC)

Provided certified SMEs as OPFOR Academy instructors and OPFOR advisors during mission execution in support of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Limited User Test (JLTV LUT) at Fort Stewart, GA.

Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCOE)

Provided certified TEs to the Advanced Situational Awareness (ASA) Training program at Fort Benning, GA.

Brigade Modernization Command (BMC)

Provided certified Red Team Cadre and SME support to the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) – a series of critical Army Capability Development events held at Fort Bliss, TX. Specifically, delivered OPFOR Academy training and SME advisors to support live OPFOR execution; and also provided the OPFOR leadership to fight in the simulation wrap-around for the “blended” (integrated) training environment.

Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL)

Provided Red Team and threat force support to Army Concept Development in the UNIFIED QUEST Wargames and UNIFIED CHALLENGE experiments. These wargames, table-top exercises, and experiments informed Army 2020 organizational designs and the Army’s current development of Force 2025.