MODSIM: Threat Tec VR Capabilities Turning Heads at the World Conference

May 4, 2017 – Hampton, VA – This week, Threat Tec made its way to the Virginia Beach Convention Center for the 2017 MODSIM World conference. MODSIM World is a multi-disciplinary conference in which sponsors exchange modeling and simulation knowledge, research and technology. With local, national, and international attendance, MODSIM World 2017 will address the state of Modeling and Simulations in the community domains of today; including critical infrastructure, maritime, healthcare, aerospace, and defense and homeland security.

Cross-cutting these domains are the enduring tracks of Training and Education, Analytics and Decision-Making, Science and Engineering, and Visualization and Gamification; all which Threat Tec have extensive expertise. We had the opportunity to showcase our VR capabilities in conjunction with OPEX. OPEX is a virtual battlefield exercise software designed to adapt to various technological environments and produce real time results for our nation’s military. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) all have comprehensive past performances and area knowledge, utilize our technology and overall capabilities to provide tailored support for live, virtual and constructive threat replication. Our team includes Army and Marine Corps SME’s with backgrounds in Land and Air warfare as well as Maritime expeditionary Naval operations.

A majority of our leaders who support

vr initiatives bring knowledge from:





Air defense


Electronic Warfare


On the third day of expo, our presenters worked with students involved in the STEM program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students in the program were able to play around with realistic replica machine guns within Threat Tec’s simulated environment. 




Written By Daniel Crawford

Daniel Crawford is a Threat Research Content Writer and Business Development Support for Threat Tec. Daniel works closely with Subject Matter Experts to provide detailed analysis of emerging threats and how Threat Tec is innovating support and training for such threat mitigation.