Threat Tec’s multimedia division utilizes the latest in video production and post-production technologies to produce captivating training multimedia. With a vast array of industry and military training experience, this specialized team understands the complexities of the modern battlespace and how to best apply visual media to prepare troops for the realities they will face.



With a focus on quality, speed and realism, Threat Tec’s filmmakers storyboard, write and create training and promotional films that are tailored to specific military requirements. Equipped with the latest in lighting, camera and studio equipment, our experienced film team combines the doctrinal and training requirements with world-class filmmaking and storytelling expertise.

Post Production

Possessing extensive post-house, film and TV production experience, Threat Tec’s post production team achieves the highest levels of visual effects, 3D animation, film editing, environment design and immersive storytelling. These experienced professionals are committed to delivering high-quality multimedia experiences in a fast and effective manner.


Threat Tec’s interactive team creates training content that enable users to experience multiple variations of complex training scenarios. This interdisciplinary team develops gaming content that is entirely user-controllable and fully utilizes the numerous benefits associated with interactive scenario training.


3D Animation

Environmental Design

Script Writing

Video Editing and Post Production


Special Effects