Threat Tec Red Teams are comprised of specialized SMEs, whose primary goal is to portray comprehensive, capable and realistic hybrid threats. This group serves as the adversary or Opposing Force (OPFOR) during the planning and execution of mission rehearsal exercises, training, table top exercises, wargaming and experiments. Maintaining a thorough understanding of the target operational environment, they ensure threat actions are delivered to a high degree of fidelity to meet mission, training, or experiment objectives


Red Team Planning

Our Red Team SMEs understand how threats operate within the complexity and uncertainty of the environment. They develop hybrid threat plans that capitalize on threat strengths and target BLUFOR weaknesses. The end result is an operational plan that accurately challenges BLUFOR units.

Simulation Based Exercises and Experiments

Red Teams support real-time OPFOR operations for military exercises and experiments. These professionals incorporate an OPFOR perspective, as they execute tactical and operational training actions, which emulate adversaries in today’s complex Operational Environments. The result is a realistic and challenging environment, which supports exercises and experimentation.

Live Exercise and Experiment Support

Our professional Red Teams serve as training and advisory support for units assigned to live exercise and experiment OPFOR. Under Red Team SME guidance, Threat Tec OPFOR is equipped with foreign weapons, equipment, clothing and vehicles, which are aligned to established threat doctrine and TTPs.