To remain dominant in the world, our nation’s military deserves first class planning and execution support for training, exercise, and experimentation. Threat Tec offers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and OE Flex® packages to support operational training/exercises and concept development events.


Exercise Planning Support

With a variety of military backgrounds and operational experience at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels – Threat Tec SMEs offer responsive, quality scenario and operational planning for Phases 0-5. Our team of SMEs average 22-30+ years experience and enables Threat Tec to provide expert support for a wide range of training, exercise, and experimentation events that require competitive threats set in realistic Operational Environments (OEs).

Exercise Support

Threat Tec’s OE Flex® program is a scalable and tailored package of professional role players and realistic OE emulation capability. OE Flex® packages are designed to support the unit’s objectives and required level of realism – providing graphic , demanding, operational training and rehearsal against a range of hybrid threats. In addition to force-on-force field training, we tailor exercise support teams to meet command post, wargame, and tabletop exercise requirements.

Development Support

Our multidisciplinary team of SMEs average 22-30+ years experience and possess a solid grounding in threat doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures. The ability to project threat and OE conditions of the future makes Threat Tec a responsive and reliable partner in developing concepts of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Personnel, Facilities, Leadership and Education solutions for the coming force.