In today’s ever-changing threat environment, mission success depends upon visualizing and understanding data across multiple domains within the Operational Environment (OE). Leveraging the latest technologies, our team of technology and visualization specialists design and develop easy-to-use solutions that offer compelling ways to interact with and digest the complexities of the modern OE.


Visualization and Modeling

Threat Tec developers produce high-fidelity and accessible visualization tools that integrate with existing DoD simulation models and can also build custom low-overhead and cost-effective simulation environments. Along with creating highly functional simulation user interface tools, our developers rapidly build tailored simulation solutions to model and visualize threats across multiple domains and echelons.

Mobile Developers

Threat Tec’s application development team understands the intricacies associated with mobile platform development. Striving to improve the efficiency in design and development, our team creates mobile applications that deliver relevant, rich and compelling learning content to our modern and diverse military. Each mobile solution we produce is designed to work across all relevant mobile platforms.

Synthetic Training Environments

Converging Virtual, Constructive and Gaming environments, Threat Tec’s Synthetic Training Environments optimize human performance and cognitive awareness in relation to various threats. Drawing on our Operational Environment expertise, these simulation-enhanced training solutions combine the latest in virtual, augmented and physical reality technologies to produce realistic representations of the mission space and to support combined arms training.


Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Data Visualization

Serious Games

Mobile Apps

Database and Web Applications

Software Integration


Virtual OPFOR Academy (VOA)

Supporting TRADOC G-2’s initiative to improve the learning and awareness of enemy threat-tactics, Threat Tec developers create interactive and immersive learning experiences. These experiences utilize the latest in visualization and gaming technologies and are constructed around true-to-life combat scenarios and threat tactical doctrine.


Specifically built to improve how information is communicated and visualized, VEZI technology enables users to easily access and interact with 3D equipment visualizations.


OpEx is a battlefield visualization platform that supports single player practical exercises, or team-based mission planning and rehearsal events as a home station training enabler. To learn more, click here.