Technological growth is everywhere. Faster computers, Automated Intelligence, Super Computers, and a host of software tools and new hardware touch our lives each day.  More data is collected in a single day than in the sum of our first 100 years as a nation.  There are data centers full of collected information.  How can your data work for you?

Big Data Solutions - Our SMEs can provide intelligent solutions which help your organization to organize, understand and manage the information that is important to you and your customers.

Predictive Analytics - Recognizing patterns means finding opportunities or avoiding risk. Through customized solutions, we help your organization peer beyond the horizon and into your future.

Social Network Analysis - The six degrees of separation truly exists. Uncover hidden relationships, understand networks, and build strategies that improve your position. We can show you how.

Modeling and Simulation - Building models that explain likely outcomes and our world through visual or numerical models is eye opening. A connection is made when you see the likely effect of modifications to a strategic input. Models and simulations help your organization to better understand where your time is best spent.

Visualizations - We live in a word that is multi-dimensional.  How can we visualize complex variables and their effect on your operation? Let Threat Tec show you how. Through our suite of mobile applications and software, we will find the right tool for you.