Threat Tec Awarded Task to Support Army Red UAS

In support of joint modernization command, Threat Tec develops threat UAS capability

Hampton, VA – March 2017 – Threat Tec, LLC has been awarded a task to create a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) for the U.S. Army to augment its Red Teaming capabilities. The UAS provides an accurate representation of opposing force systems, providing military forces with simulated enemy aircraft encounters that will help them assess institutional strengths and weaknesses and safeguard against vulnerabilities.  

Threat Tec constructed Group 1 and Group 2 UASs with complete day, night, and thermal imaging sensors. Group 1 UASs are capable of providing nearby reconnaissance and surveillance, typically hand-launchable and portable, and fly at low altitudes. Group 2 UASs perform special purpose operations at extended ranges, are launched via catapult or runway, and can fly at low-to-medium altitudes.  With the Army, Threat Tec was able to maintain over 40 flight missions at extended ranges, providing video feeds back to OPFOR leadership and allowing the commander to act on real-time intelligence. 

Threat Tec has an emerging Unmanned Systems business, providing sensors and support for air-, sea-, and land-based autonomous vehicles.  The company’s Red Aviation/Unmanned Systems branch, “Red Aero,” is the premier provider of opposing force aerial unmanned systems support within the Department of Defense. Threat Tec provides integration, testing, and evaluation of both fixed and rotary wing UAS systems to accommodate the accurate portrayal of threat systems from around the world.  


About Threat Tec

As a leader in threat emulation, experimentation, and training, Threat Tec helps military and commercial organizations prepare for emerging worldwide threats. Threat Tec’s expertise encompasses the complexities of threat-activity and empowers its clients to effectively respond to an increasingly volatile world.



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