Visualizing the Operational Environment: Visualize, Plan, and Predict Success

Visualization and simulation tools provide valuable learning environments to train commanders, staff and company leadership to adapt and take initiative in a variety of operational…

Threat Tec Awarded Task to Support Army Red UAS

In support of joint modernization command, Threat Tec develops threat UAS capability Hampton, VA – March 2017 – Threat Tec, LLC has been awarded a task to create a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)…

Threat Tec Acquires International Replica Arms Company (IRAC)

Threat Tec enhances its threat emulation capabilities by joining forces with a recognized leader in the design and production of replica and sim-fire machine guns…


Threat Tec is a provider of multi-domain threat emulation solutions.  We believe that Reality Matters, and our goal is to help our customers understand, defeat and depose threats to our nation.​​

  • We help visualize the battle space and threat capabilities
  • We analyze social networks to help our clients understand complex, worldwide networks
  • We replicate high fidelity environments across the Live, Virtual and Constructive domains​
  • We build products that replicate threat systems, weapons and capabilities through ThreatWerx​™
  • We are committed to producing the finest products and services at fair prices​​

We build networks of like-minded individuals. We have established ourselves as trusted experts.  Our Threat Emulators advise and guide customers, replicating the reality of today and sharing the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Threat Tec’s ThreatWerx™ division now includes the capabilities of the International Replica Arms Company (IRAC).

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OpEx is a multi-platform wargaming and exercise visualization tool for assessing tactical effectiveness with instant feedback.

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VEZI replaces paper instructional manuals with rich, 3D model-based visualizations delivered at the point of need via mobile app and Augmented Reality.

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