ThreatWerx/IRAC Introduces Knowledge Vault Mobile App



Screenshot_2015-06-24-16-25-56Hampton, Virginia – ThreatWerx™ (formerly International Replica Arms Company, IRAC), maker of handmade simulated-fire heavy machine guns, has released IRAC Knowledge Vault, an application that is set to redefine how their products are owned.

Using innovative VEZI™ mobile technology, the IRAC Knowledge Vault combines interactive 3D models with step-by-step user guides. This dynamic application gives customers more control over the types of experiences they have with their product.

Leveraging the power of today’s phones and tablets, the IRAC Knowledge Vault uses animated 3D technology that walks customers through each step of assembly, use, disassembly and more. Each application function is designed to show users every detail of an IRAC product and how it fits together and operates. Additionally, with dynamic alerts, customers feel comfortable knowing they are using their product in the most responsible and safe manner.

The IRAC Knowledge Vault has a bright future. Currently available in the Google Play store, the application is being improved and expanded with more innovative capabilities. Screenshot_2015-06-24-16-25-22As these new features are added, customers can expect for their app-product experience to keep getting better.

Here are a few of the features IRAC Knowledge Vault provides:

Current Features:

3D Interactive User Manuals
Access To Product Warranties
Easy Product Registration
Instructional Videos
Downloadable Data Sheets
Convenient Product Browsing and Purchasing
Virtual Reality Viewing

Future Updates:

In-App Firing Of Simulator At Targets
Community-Based Communication
Augmented Reality Viewing
The application is now currently available for download on Google Play.