Threat Tec Unveils Threat Lab

Hampton, VA – April 26, 2017 – Threat Tec announced the opening of Threat Lab,  a new law and drug enforcement training environment, its latest offering in a long line of training and support capabilities. The only lab of its kind in Hampton Roads, Threat Lab is composed of multiple labs designed to address any threat that can be engineered in a lab environment, such as drugs and explosives.

The Illegal Substance Replication Lab (ISRL) and Homemade Explosive Lab (HMEL) are designed to be portable kits that are customizable to clients’ specific needs. ISRL contains all the equipment to replicate anything from a designer meth lab to a basic “Shake-and-Bake” or one-pot lab. HMEL offers insight into HMEs and Improvised Explosive Devices with replicas and training to identify and defuse explosives and the labs in which they are built. Other labs are in the planning stage and will be added as client needs develop.

Threat Lab offers state and local law and drug enforcement, hazardous material handlers, and bomb squad units the opportunity to develop and test tactics, strategies, and procedures within the lab space to counter ever-growing threats of homegrown drug labs and explosives. 

“Threat Tec is on the cutting edge of threat emulation and training,” notes Steve Barker, Threat Lab creator and IED expert, “and the Lab is just one more way we can train the people enforcing protection against localized, hometown threats.”

You can check out the writeup on the Threat Lab by the Virginian Pilot or the Peninsula’s writeup on Threat Tec’s Threat Lab by the Daily Press.  Both outlets did extensive coverage of Threat Tec’s capability addition.

About Threat Tec

Threat Tec, LLC® is a veteran-owned small business that provides threat subject matter expertise, training, learning solutions, and immersive training environments for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), state and local law enforcement, and commercial clients. Its ThreatWerx™ division builds and replicates systems that bring realism to the operational environment.  With its OPEX™ software, Threat Tec teams plan, visualize, and test ideas in a digitized environment that delivers 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality emersion. Threat Tec’s security consulting capability, OEFlex®, helps its clients quickly build flexible physical environments with varying degrees of realism.  These units work together provide a comprehensive look at threats.

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